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Trap Modules



UKL Trap Modules are available in two versions:

The open loop: Where the condensate is let out to the atmosphere, and consists mainly of one inlet Isolation, Bypass valves and a Steam Trap.

The Closed loop: Where the condensate connected for recovery, consist with Valves upstream and downstream isolation and Bypass, Strainer (for Ball Float), Steam Traps, Sight Glass, Non-return valve, Sight Glass, diffusers (for TD trap) etc.

Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless steel construction.

  • 15mm to 25mm Complete Fabricated Modules with Thermodynamic & Thermostatic steam traps
  • 15mm to 50mm Complete Fabricated Modules with Ball Float type steam traps

It is cumbersome, occupies more space and involves a number of joints, piping components, Welding and other process and statutory certification in most cases and is extremely time consuming.

Pressure rating ASA#150 and #300. In open [T type] as well as Closed [D type] configurations.