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Steam Injectors



Steam Injectors are used for heating Water, Feed water, Process media, process liquors etc by direct injection of steam into the media. They are designed for quiet and efficient heating of the media ensuring thorough mixing, uniform heating and absence of temperature stratification.

It draws in cool liquid from one end and mixes it with the steam being injected. These ensure full utilization of the total heat as well as avoid Flashing and noise.

It is used in conjunction with Temperature control, Isolation valve, vacuum breaker, Control valve, Stop valve, Strainer etc. Tank dimensions, volume of media etc may demand the installation of more than one injector on a tank.

  • Available in MOC SS316
  • Sizes: 15 to 50mm others on request
  • Ends Connection: BW/ Threaded to BSP/BSPT/NPT
  • Max Pressure: PN25
  • Max Temperature: Saturated
  • Max recommended Heating temperature:90 Deg C

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