Steam Engineering Services



For more than 130 years, KLINGER has been providing Utility System Solutions and Optimization to Global customers through Products, Training and Services. Uni Klinger Limited offers solutions for Fluid Control as well as Fluid Sealing through our two Divisions viz. FLUID CONTROL & FLUID SEALING DIVISIONS respectively.

Uni Klinger Limited caters to various utilities in the Industries, which include Steam & Condensate, Hot water, Heat transfer Media, Air, Fatty acids, all kind of chemicals and many more.

Utility Energy Audit has supreme importance for any organization who wishes to reduce its operating cost without compromising on quality of the throughput. Energy Audits are based on the four fundamental principles viz. Measure, Analyze, Implement and Monitor.

Energy Audits create benchmarks and compare it with the World Leader scores in order to analyse the present condition of the Plant. Uni Klinger Ltd helps YOU to benchmark the present Energy consumption and understand the potential reduction measures that can be practically implemented.

A Utility Energy Audit is a basic tool to find out the energy resources that are getting waste and hence, Energy Audit emerges as a helping tool to identify the losses, its quantification, providing the insight for its reduction and finally reduce the operating cost of the Plant that directly increases the bottom line of the industries.

Uni Klinger, with the belief in our strength of ubiquitous product range, we ensure our customers to reduce their Specific Energy Consumption and sustained results of utility consumption reduction.