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SMU-7000 Safety Relief Valve



This range of spring loaded conventional and balanced safety relief valves is specifically designed for overpressure protection of unfired pressure vessel (ASME Section VIII application). Sizes and orifices are from 1” D 2” to 8” T 10”, face to face dimensions are in accordance to API526. Available set pressure range is from 0.4 Bar to 414 Bar and for pressure ratings up to 2500#.Different material of construction can be selected, depending on the application.

Media : Gas, Steam and Liquid.

Orifices: from “D” to “T” in accordance to API 526; intermediate orifices (K2, P2, Q2, R2) and orifices up to 1520.5 cm2 available

Set pressure range : From 0.4 bar to 414 Bar.

Temperature range : From -267 Deg C to 715 Deg C.

Over pressure : Gas 10%, Steam 5% & 10%, Liquid 10% & 21%.

Blowdown : Gas and Steam 5% to 7%

Materials : Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Hastelloy, Monel and other material upon request.

Options : Bellows, Flushing nozzles, Lifting lever, Test gag, Finned Bonnet, Limit Switch, Resilient or Hardened seat.

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