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SMS-7100 Safety Valve for Steam Boiler



The SMS-7100 direct spring operated pressure relief valves has been designed to protect against excess pressure steam boilers and to provide superior performance.

These valves are designed and manufactured according to ASME Sect. I and are approved according to IBR 1950 regulation.

Double blow-down ring guarantees the over-pressure and the reseating-pressure required on section I of the ASME code. Special design of the disc eliminates the distortion due to thermal stress for maximum seat tightness. Available with open or closed bonnet.

Flanged, Butt weld spring loaded, direct acting, full nozzle safety relief valves for steam service (ASME Sect.I). Media: steam (suitable also for gas).

Orifice Sizes: From “D” to “T “

Set pressure range: up to 153 bar.

Temperature range: up to 566 °C.

Overpressure: 3% or 0.14 bar.

Blowdown: 4% or 0.28 bar.

Size inlet & outlet: from NPS 1 to NPS 8 & from NPS 2 to NPS 12

Inlet flanges ratings: Up to Class 2500.

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