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Leakage of costly fluids has been a major cause of concern to all industries.Apart from the monetary losses, such leaks are seen as damaging to the environment.

Valves and steam traps contribute to more than 90% of the fluid leaks. These leaks can either be across the seat causing process irregularities, or from the glands, bonnets and seals to the atmosphere. The damage caused is of substantially high value, especially for continuous-process industries.

The main contributors to this damage to environment is by:Safety Valve Leaks,Steam Trap Leaks, Control Valve Leaks

Fluid leaks, NOW, can be monitored online, with the latest patented technology from Bitherm,  the Spanish inventors.  Uni Klinger have made this technology available to Indian industries with a technological tie up with Bitherm.

Under this arrangement Smart Watch Leak Monitoring Package is available

Smart Watch® is a microprocessor based universal monitoring device, with high network integration capacity, which is able to monitor up to four independent parameters at a time. Namely: Inlet Pressure, Outlet Pressure, Temperature and Sound

It is certified for intrinsic safety requirements (EEx ia IIC T4).

The four parameters are monitored 24 x 7,and results are displayed in real time,indicating precise equipment, its functioning and reasons for failure, and an estimated loss of in terms of media and money in case of malfunction.

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