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Pressured Power Pump Unit



In these days of energy conservation hot condensate is too valuable to be lost as it contains more than 25% of heat used in creating steam. Also it is distilled water making excellent feed water for boilers. UKL Pressure Power Pumps are pumps which are used to pump condensate to the desired location and are cheaper to operate against electrically operated pumps which require special impellers to avoid risk of cavitations by condensate and temperature limits of condensate to be handled.

The UPPPU is a skid mounted Assembly. The receiver collects the condensate from various points. The condensate flows through a Uni directional Disc Check Valve (DCV) to the pump section. The Float assembly, inside the pump section, rises with the level of the condensate and at a predetermined level snaps a valve open to let in Steam, while simultaneously a vent valve gets closed. The steam pushes the condensate out through the outlet DCV which too is unidirectional leading the condensate out to the desired point.

Once the pumping is done the level of condensate falls and the float drops down automatically closing the steam valve and opening the vent to vent out the accumulated steam and allow the fresh condensate to enter and begin the next cycle. This is a maintenance free pump, functions as long as there is condensate coming to the pump. Provided as a complete skid mounted unit, with valves, strainers, DCV, Condensate flow meter etc.

Sizes 40, 50, 80 x 50 and Duplex.

UKL condensate recovery system can be used with motive as Steam or Compressed Air.

Available in Carbon Steel Insulation can be provided as optional.

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