Natural Rubber

Natural Rubber (NR) is the most widely use Rubber derivative. Its is derived from Rubber tree, cultivated in Southern hemisphere in the form of  White viscous fluid which is later dried to evaporate moisture. The resultant material is then processed by mixing it with vulcanizing agent such as sulphur & adding other fillers. Thin Films thus drawn by calendaring & Roto curing Process are called Natural Rubber Sheets.

NR Sheets are highly abrasion Resistant & have excellent elongation property, durable & light in weight, due to these reasons NR is used in manufacturing wide variety  of Moulded & extruded products. These Rubber sheets are well suited for Sound and Noise Proofing applications.

  • Width- 1meter, 1.2meter, up to 1500mm.
  • Length-up to 10mtr.
  • Thickness-0.3mm to 50mm.
  • Reinforcement- with or without available.
  • Colour- Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Other on request.
  • Application- Sand blasting, shot-blasting, mats, skirt, conveyor belts, packing, Elastic bands, automobile tyres.

Natural Rubber Sheets are supplied as per following specifications

a Specific Gravity (gm / cm 3) – 1.1 to 1.8
b Hardness (Shore A, ±5) – 45 to 85
c Tensile Strength, min (kg / cm 2 ) – 40 to 95
d Elongation at break, min(%) – 200 to 500
e Compression Set , at 70°C for 22 hrs (%), min – 40
f Service Temperature Range -30° C to +90° C