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Liquid Level Gauges



These are mechanical devices to observe the level of liquid in vessels. Based on  principles of Liquid finding their own levels.UKL manufactures and supplies level gauges as complete assembly with Isolation Drain cocks and vent valves, Safety Ball check arrangement in case of Glass breakage, and original toughened Borosilicate Klinger Glasses and Gaskets.

Reflex Gauge: 

Works on the principle of Total Internal Refraction of light through the Reflex glass having grooves giving clear Black and white indication of the level in the vessel. For Steam at 40 bar saturated temp, and other media 40 bar 400 Deg C.

Transparent type: 

Using Transparent glasses, two in numbers, giving a level indication in the form of rising and falling meniscus. This often requires the use of Illuminators to view the level.Steam at 40 bar.85bar and 120Bar saturated temp. Other media 400 deg C.

Bicolor type: 

A variation of the transparent type, wherein the incident light is made to pass through a wedge shaped centerpiece, to separate the light. The same is viewed through filters to see Green and Red light for Steam and Condensate.Steam: 180 Bar Saturated Temp.

The level gauges can be provided with accessories like double arm lever, Illuminators, Scales, and Non Frosting Blocks. Inclined type as well as Direct Weld – On type.

C-C of 3000mm.Other C-Cs with mounting support can also be provided.

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