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Hot Water Generation System



UNIKLINGER, in keeping with the Innovative Methods to help Process Industry achieve higher levels of operational efficiency have – UKL PACKAGE HOT WATER SYSTEM In Modular Designs-With the space availability at high premium, one needs a Quick, Efficient and Reliable source of Hot Water for process heating applications. And this is the hallmark of UKL HWG System as with all other UKL products and services.

UKL Offers complete skid mounted unit with: Isolation valves, Strainers, Temp control valves, Plate type Heat Exchangers, Steam Trap, PID Controller, Pumping unit and related Piping and components.

The Advantages of Hot Water vs. Steam for Jacketed Heating

In jacketed heating applications where processes require operating temperatures up to 350°F [177Deg.C], steam and hot water serve as typical forms of heat transfer.

Currently, an increasing number of process engineers are switching from steam to hot water for heating jacketed reactors or vessels. There are several basic reasons for this trend:

  • The temperature in the jacket can be controlled much more accurately with hot water than with steam. This higher degree of control protects against damage to or loss of product through overheating.
  • Hot water ensures a better quality end product. This is particularly important in processes requiring very precise product temperature control.
  • Hot water distributes heat more evenly than steam. This eliminates hot spots which often cause product to bake onto the walls of the vessel, and at worst, ruin the entire batch.
  • In critical processes utilizing glass-lined reactors, steam can shock and damage the lining. Hot water allows smooth transitions from heating to cooling with no thermal shock.

 Few of the many reasons to go for UKL HWG System

  • Instant supply of hot water with efficient flow modulation.
  • Efficiency optimization guaranteed due to custom-built design.
  • Outlet temperature adjustments to suit variety of applications.
  • Compact skid mounted unit with sleek finish.
  • 100% Condensate removal and recycling.
  • Insulation of all hot surfaces with a novel surface coating method.

Capacities and dimensions will depend on the output requirements

(Custom Built Packages for flow-rates up to 120KLPH water with 10OC delta temp are available on request)

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