Graphite foil (UKL GS)



Due to excellent Chemical and thermal capabilities of Graphite it is used extensively throughout the Petrochemical and Chemical industries for process duties and Steam application. Our graphite material quality ensure a comfortable fit with contacting parts, therefore it is widely used as automotive gaskets in automobile industry.

Pure Graphite foil & sheets (UKL GS) – A Pure expanded Graphite foil manufactured from purified natural Graphite flakes. UKL GS feature high dependability, even under demanding operating conditions.It has an excellent Chemical resistance & Thermal Properties and is extensively used in Automobile, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Steel, Industrial Furnace and other sectors.

Other features include a high compressibility recovery, excellent air tightness, purity and a high thermal conductivity.

Pure graphite tape and slit coil is also supplied in different sizes.

UKL Graphite foil is available in width of 1M & 1.5M in roll of various length and thicknesses.

1) Excellent resistance to Steam
2) Outstanding resistance to high and low temperature
3) Chemically resistant to virtually all media
4) High compressibility
5) Low creep under temperature or pressure
6) Seals gases and liquids effectively at low bolt loadings
7) Unlimited storage life