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Flash Vessels



Condensate when discharged from higher pressure to lower pressure, the difference in the sensible heats at the two pressures causes certain amount of Condensate to again convert to Steam known and referred to as Flash Steam. This is as good as dry steam, albeit at lower pressure, and can be utilized as such.This separation can be done by allowing the hot condensate to discharge into a vessel of a pre determined volume, to get the desired amount of condensate and Flash at a specific pressure. This vessel is known as a Flash vessel.

The steam can be separated from the condensate in the flash vessels through which steam can be collected and distributed to processes requiring low pressure steam, can return back to mix with feed water, can utilize for generation of hot water or with the help of a Thermo-compressor boosted, to be used at places where Medium pressure steam is desired

Condensate drained out from bottom can be led to a pump and used used to pre-heat make up / feed water.This enables you to get the most out of the heat energy saving on fuel and money.

Available in Five different dimensions, as a complete assembly with Safety valves, pressure gauges, Trap assembly etc. Or, stand alone Flash vessel.

Insulation jacket can be provided on request.

Flanged to ANSI #150. IBR on request. Material of Construction Carbon Steel.

Maximum Working pressure 10.5Kg/cm2 at 180Deg C.

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