Disc Check

Disc Check Valve



Disc Check Valves are recommended after traps discharging into closed systems to guarantee Non return or no reverse flow. These check valves can be mounted between pipe flanges in any direction.

DCVs feature a compact and rugged stainless steel design and are suitable for any process liquid & gas, apart from steam.

Disc Check Valves are designed to be sandwiched between flanges i.e. wafer type. They are suitable for use on a wide range of fluids for applications in process lines, hot water systems, steam and condensate systems etc. Face-to-face dimensions conform to EN 558 part 2, series 52.

  • As standard it will be supplied with a metal-to-metal seat for use on steam applications. Springs are suitable for high temperatures up to 400°C.
  • MOC: ASTM A 351 Gr. CF8M
  • Sizes: 15mm to 150mm
  • Pressure: #150 and #300

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