Asbetos Brake Liners

COMPO WA8 is a flexible, solid woven, asbestos based friction material made from asbestos yarn, spun around brass wire, which contributes considerably to its strength. WA-8 has a medium/high co-efficient of friction combined with moderate temperature and wear resistance. WA-8 is available in roll form. Segments, Cones and special shapes can easily be cut from it. Being a flexible material, it is possible to form it to radius when fitting it. Forming can be made easier by placing the material in an oven at a temperature of not more than 100°C (212°F) until it has heated throughout to soften the impregnant. WA-8 is designed solely for use under dry conditions (i.e. it is not suitable for use in oil). WA-8 can also be supplied with both surfaces ground.



Applications: Industrial band and drum brake Linings ; Industrial band, plate and cone clutch linings (eg. cranes, lifts, excavators .winches, concrete mixers, drop hammers, mine widening appliances,underground haulage, tippers, oil welldraw works, road rollers, sugar mill centrifuges), certain heavy road transport vehicles and tractors.


Technical Data: Friction m for design purposes 0.35


Physical Properties: Data based on standard test methods Specific gravity : 1.6 ult. tensile strength : 246 kg/cm2 ult. compressive strength: 630 kg/cm2 Rivet holding capacity : 900 kg/cm2


Recommended Operating Range: Maximum continuous temperature : 1250C