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Bimetallic Thermostatic Steam Trap



UKL Introduces the Bi-Thermostatic Bimetallic steam traps, with corrosion resistant regulator. These Traps are unaffected by water hammer and superheated steam which having balanced pressure valve, independent seat and cone valve, and having a external adjustment device that can be used while the trap is functioning, for temperature and flow discharge. The trap also has an integral Y type Strainer.

The most innovative of the bimetallic steam traps is the bi-thermostatic steam trap of balanced pressure that incorporates two antagonistic [Opposing] thermostats.

The thermostat on top consists of various bimetallic plate pairs guided by the plugs stem, and the Lower thermostat is formed by one bimetallic sheet that leans and is guided in its edges by the body of the steam trap.

The superior [Upper] thermostat expands with the increase in temperature pressing the plug in the closing direction; at the same time, the inferior [lower] thermostat arches itself allowing the movement of the valve in the same direction, effectively resulting in the progressive strangulation of the condensate flow, till it reaches its complete closure.When the condensate temperature decreases the thermostats act inversely, consequently offering a large flow section.

In Summary:

  • Installation in any position
  • This Trap can be used Bi-Directionally
  • These Traps have a very long Life as compared to the conventional traps
  • These traps allow discharge of condensate up to 40 Degrees Sub-cooled

These traps prevents excessive heat loss as it is filled with sub-cooled condensate as against the heat loss incurred in Thermodynamic and Ball Float Traps that are filled with Steam/Condensate at saturated temperatures.

The UKL Bi Thermostatic Bi Metallic Traps are available in pressures from 25,45, 110 and 215 Bars

Depending on the pressure and temperature conditions, the available models are: T25, T25 Ti, G25, G25 Ti, P45 Ti, G45 Ti, P110 Ti y P215 Ti.

The Smartwatch web attachment on the traps enables 24 x 7 monitoring of the Trap performance, Displaying performance in Real-time, showing Energy losses and Carbon emissions and carrying out continuous Audit and indicating potential savings of valuable resources.

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