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Air Vent and Air Vent Assembly



UKL Air vents and assemblies are meant to automatically remove air from steam spaces.Air has to be removed because, Air acts as an insulator and severely hampers / restricts heat transfer.Air acts as an oxidizing agent and causes corrosion and weakening leading to damage and leakage in pipes and related equipment. In Boilers it can cause serious accidents.Air gets in the system through Boiler Feed water, at times through process related matters.

Also when steam condenses in long stoppages, in pipelines its volume shrinks tremendously causing a partial vacuum thus drawing in Air in the system from the atmosphere.

Air tends to accumulate towards the top/highest point, around changes in elevation / direction of pipes as also near Dead ends. So it is necessary to have Air vents at these points to vent the accumulated air and prevent any mal-effect on the system.

Removal of Air/O2 is achieved by mounting an Automatic Air vent in the form of a Thermostatic Trap, which in this case traps Steam but relieves Air automatically.

The Air vent assembly provided with Isolation valve, Air collecting Bottle and Temp/Pressure Gauge.

  • Sizes: 15,20mm
  • Ends connection: Socket Weld/Threaded
  • PMO: 32Bar
  • TMO: 240Deg C

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