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Air Eliminators



UKL Air Eliminators are meant to automatically remove air from Liquid lines.Air has to be removed because: air in liquid line cause of two phase flow, water hammering as well as prevents smooth flow of fluid or causes air locks.Air also acts as an oxidizing agent and causes corrosion and weakening leading to damage and leakage in pipes and related equipment.

Solubility of air in water is high at low temp, but on heating solubility decreases, and release air from water and flows with water. Mainly this happens in cooling water circuit.

Function of Air elimination can be achieved by a mechanical Float operated Trap, with just a position change of its Float assembly.

This change in the float assembly position now holds back the liquid but allows Air to be vented out as against the normal Float trap holding steam and discharging condensate.

  • Sizes: 15mm-50mm
  • MOC: CI/CS
  • Pressure Class: #150/#300

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