steam trap1

Thermostatic Steam Traps



Thermostatic Steam trap works on the difference in Enthalpy of Steam and Condensate. A capsule attached to a Bellow filled with precise amount of a Hydrocarbon, Expands and contracts in response to the rising/lowering of Enthalpy. Thereby shutting and opening the valve. Condensate has lower Enthalpy, causing the bellow to contract and the seat to retract which opens the valve and allow discharge of condensate. The reverse happens with the steam and its higher Enthalpy.

These traps used largely on Tracing lines or Tank Farms where steam is supplied to maintain Temp / viscosity of the Oil.

UKL Thermostatic trap has a unique Simple design, Minimum number of components and where the Bellow is enclosed and protected thus ensuring long life for the Bellows

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