We at Madras Asbestos Stores Manufacture and Trade in all types of Insulation products which is high in quality and designed to last long. Our goal of serving the customers with high performance products at best price has been key to our success story. Our vision is to lead the insulation market with products which are highly engineered to meet both safety standards and customer requirements.

We are in the business of insulation for the last 40 years. Innovation has been a strong factor to our growth. The company was founded by our father late Mr.Yakubbhai in the year 1975. Since our inception into the market we have undergone various changes to adapt to the current market situation. These were made possible due to our strong leadership and an effective management culture.

Our primary goal is to offer what the customer thinks and wants. This is achieved by understanding and listening to customer requirements. Our dedicated specialist are quick to understand client needs and also provide valuable guidance in terms of product selection. This further uplifts our commitment to achieve customer satisfaction.

We have a modern storage facility which can handle various stocks and it helps to meet any sudden requirements of our clients. This makes us more reliable. We have shown steady growth over the years and are in due course of expanding our market presence. Our strong leadership and management culture leads to great customer support at all times.

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